5 Tips to Stop Bad Breath

A blonde young woman wears a denim shirt in a wheat field and hides her mouth with her hair, nervous about bad breath

Whether it’s those onions and garlic in your lunch, a result of dehydration, or something else entirely, bad breath happens to all of us – often at the most inconvenient times. Luckily, there are many steps you can take both avoid bad breath entirely and also fix it on-the-go as soon as it occurs. Here are five simple tips to stop bad breath!

  1. Practice Excellent Preventive Care
  2. The best defense is a good offense! Practice a good preventive care routine (brush twice daily for two minutes each time, floss at least once each day, and visit our office every six months for cleanings and exams) to help prevent bad breath before it even starts.

  3. Consider Your Food Choices
  4. It should come as no surprise that food can affect your breath. Garlic, onions, certain seasonings, and other fragrant food can wreak havoc on the state of your breath. However, foods like apples, yogurt, and mint can help freshen your breath after eating these pungent foods.

  5. Change Your Toothbrush Regularly
  6. You’re not doing yourself any favors if you’re using a toothbrush that’s way past its prime. You should replace your toothbrush every three to four months, and after you’ve been sick.

  7. Chew Sugar-Free Gum
  8. Sugar-free gum is a great way to satisfy a craving and freshen your breath. Xylitol, a natural sweetener found in many sugar-free gums, stimulates saliva production as well as neutralizes odor-causing bacteria.

  9. Avoid Smoking & Tobacco Products
  10. Smoking and tobacco use causes a variety of health risks. Furthermore, the odor of tobacco can linger in your mouth long after you put out your cigarette, causing bad breath. Ditch the cigarettes to take a big step toward fresher breath and better overall health!

We hope these tips help you avoid bad breath – let us know if you have other helpful dental tips! To ask our team any oral care questions or to schedule your next appointment, contact our office today.

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