Are Protein Shakes Good for My Teeth?

Protein shakes are a quick and convenient way to pack important nutrients into your diet even on the busiest days. But not all protein shakes are created equally: while some are pretty healthy, others have many hidden ingredients that help them taste good but aren’t so good for your body or teeth. Read on to know which protein shakes are best for your teeth.

What Makes Protein Shakes Bad for Teeth?

You’ve probably heard time and time again how sugar isn’t good for your teeth. There’s a good reason why you’ve probably heard about it so much: it isn’t! Eating sugar promotes bacteria production, since plaque bacteria actually feeds on sugar on the surface of your teeth. After they do so, they release a harmful acid byproduct that erodes the surface of your teeth, putting you at risk of developing cavities and decay.

green protein drink with apples and brocoli good for teeth

How to Find a Healthy Protein Shake

Always check nutritional labels before buying food! This especially applies to protein shakes, because many companies sneak in a heaping dose of sugar to make their products tastier. One way to know that you aren’t getting too much sugar is to make protein shakes at home. Simply blend up your favorite protein powder with your milk of choice (milk is full of calcium, making it healthy for your teeth!), some low sugar fruits like berries, and enjoy!

Other Foods That Are Healthy for Your Teeth

There are other ways to load up on protein without sacrificing your oral health. Nuts, cheese, and lean meats are all full of protein and don’t put your teeth at risk of decay. Berries (especially strawberries) are great for teeth, and leafy greens like kale and spinach also work wonders on your overall and oral health.

You don’t need to skip on protein shakes entirely just to protect your teeth. All you have to do is be mindful of the sugar content or just make your own if you’re having doubts about how healthy your favorite on-the-go meal is. If you have any questions about how diet affects your oral health, or are in need of a cleaning and exam, we’d love to see you at Austex Dental. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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